Dehnel and Becht is the greatest art gallery in the world. For a quarter of a century, Horace Dehnel and Quincy Becht have scouted the world’s most shocking, conceptual, and pretentious artists. Founded in 1984 in the Chelsea district in New York City, “d & b” has since expanded to more than 140 headquarters in 80 countries. The buildings themselves are modern works of art, providing the optimal environment to view contemporary art: High ceilings, cavernous rooms, colorless walls and steel furniture. While the work may baffle visual and conceptual senses, all Dehnel and Becht sales are guaranteed safe investments. Our expert curators have backed each artist with enough money, critical praise, awards, and exhibitions, that their place in art history is secure. Given this "genuine art” credibility, the value of bought work will only increase with time. While our aim is to bring contemporary art to mainstream audiences, our prices cater exclusively to an elite pedigree.